EnglishBrno Pub Nights 2011-2012

If you´ve been following my blog for a while you´ll know that one of my goals last year was to start my own regular meetings for my students of English where they could practise their speaking skills. I announced my intention in a post called “Where to practise English in Brno“.

Since then I´ve managed to organize five successful events. I call them EnglishBrno Pub Nights. The idea is to bring my students together with the growing international community in Brno, drink, chat and have fun – in short: to give them an opportunity to make English-speaking friends.

And what an amazing ride we´ve had so far. Here are some pics and testimonials to give you an idea and hopefully inspire you to join us, or – if you are not from Brno – to start your own meetings.

1st EnglishBrno Pub Night – Mamut pub (10 Dec 2011)

2nd EnglishBrno Pub Night – Potrefená husa (11 Feb 2012)

3rd EnglishBrno Pub Night – U bílého beránka (14 April 2012)

You can see some action and pics in this video which I made as an invitation to the 4th pub night:

4th EnglishBrno Pub Night – U Napoleona (23 June 2012)

5th EnglishBrno Pub Night – Kolonáda (15 Sept 2012)

This is what others say about the meetings:

I have no hesitation in recommending these Pub Nights because  they have helped me a lot in improving my English speaking skills. I am not afraid of communication in English anymore. – Kristýna, Czech Republic

This is a  good opportunity to meet people and improve language skills.  A very nice evening with lovely people!   I felt like at home :). I am looking forward for the next event! – Simon, Italy

I find the pub nights to have an excellent atmosphere where you can meet new people as well as connect with acquaintances . – Mike, USA

The atmosphere was fabulous. I talked to so many people who had similar hobbies. Many of them I have never met before, but it was like we’ve known each other already. Everyone was encouraged to speak in English which was a splendid opportunity to learn. The time was passing very quickly so I was surprised when we hit midnight. Nina has done a tremendous job getting these people together. – Michal, Czech Republic

This was my third EnglishBrno Pub Night…and so far the best! I love to meet new people and get to know them. This is one of the best opportunities in Brno to meet interesting and inspiring people.  I was immersed in conversations with so many interesting people that I forgot about time at all. When I woke up the next morning I felt that this was an evening that I want to experience more often. – Aleš, Czech Republic

From the first moment it was just awesome!!!  People where so friendly, easy going and relaxed there… I heard a lot of inspiring and also funny stories :). After the event I was talking about it to all of my friends!!!  I was so impressed. – Mirka, Slovakia

Meeting old friends as well as new interesting people, having a good time, thinking about the world from different angles… Most people I talked to were very interesting.  I realized the time was running too fast. – Jirka, Czech Republic

I came to talk in English and meet cool people and I am very happy I attended the event.  Everyone was interesting and I felt very well. – Enrico, Italy

If you´d like to join one of the next meetings, sign up for my newsletter to find out when and where the next one will take place.

Happy speaking!


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