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I received a beautiful testimonial from a student I coached for 2 months. He wanted to activate his English language skills before entering a British university. Thank you, Martin Nevídal, it was lovely working with you and I wish you all the best!

“I must say that Nina´s coaching (as she named it) was very beneficial for me. I finally know what I really want and what I expect from English – I have my English goals, I know how to achieve the goals and I also know that if I do these „hows“, I will achieve them!
First of all Nina showed me that English is all around us and it´s only „about me“ if I want to see it or not. And she also showed me that English must be fun! Because if you are bored with English, you will never learn it!
Nina coached me for two months and showed me what to do for practising English through all the four skills – speaking, writing, reading and listening.
It´s clear what to do in speaking – speak, speak and speak. Because of that I attended her English meeting „EnglishBrno Pub Night“ (and I really want to continue in it!) and registered on English Central website which focuses on your pronunciation and that helps you speak more fluently and better. I also practised my writing skills with Nina. I wrote her about myself, my studies, my work, hobbies, about my language goals, about „what makes me happy“… And after our lessons I will practise these skills writing some assigments for school or communicating with my English speaking clients at work. Nina recommended websites to me where I can read some articles I am into, so I can improve my reading skills here… and from next week I will have to read „school books“ so I think the reading skills will be practised very well! For improving my listening skills Nina recommended to watch TV series. It´s maybe the best way of learning English for me, because (as well as majority of my contemporaries) I love it so I´m learning English. So this is my overview… In the end I have to tell you all: TRY NINA! She knows a lot of techniques for improving your English and I guarantee you: it won´t be boring! :-)” If you´d like to work with me on your English like Martin did, read more in the section “Online coaching“. Nina

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