2012 Recap and 2013 Plans

Hi, this is Nina from NinaEnglish and in this video I would of course like to wish you a Happy New Year and also tell you a bit about my plans for 2013. But before I do that let me share with you what worked for me in 2012, what made me tick and how the year changed me.


My online activities

I was super happy to see the number of my Newsletter and my Youtube channel subscribers grow both to 400 last year and also my NinaEnglish FB page´s fanbase cross the 5,000 mark. Thank you all so much for following me!

And I can´t even describe how thrilled I was when the fanpage scored 6th in the TOP 25 Facebook language pages competition organized by a prestigious language portal And I also felt very honoured and excited to be nominated for the 2012 Edublog Awards  in the category with Khan Academy and Shelly Terrell „Best Use of Video“.

And speaking of videos, you might remember my New Year´s resolution from last year to make one video every week. Well, I didn´t stick to that, I had other things to do in life but I truly enjoyed making those 14 videos that I published on my Youtube channel. And if you asked me about my TOP 3 that I enjoyed the most, it would definitely be:

1. Interview with Glenn Weidner – an American colleague of mine who lives and works in Třebíč and speaks about his life there and how people speak English there

2. Vocabulary video on „Serendipity“

3. Video on Why I love being a freelancer

One of the reasons why I love being a freelancer is that my whole life is very flexible.

In 2012 I could actually become much more active offline compared to the previous years because my little one, my 3-year-old daughter, started kindergarden – which gave me more space to breathe, as well.

So last year I could help more students become independent learners and stop being shy when speaking English. I have never been happier and more fulfilled in my work. With the 5 groups of women that I coached last year here in Brno we had a blast: we sang, we danced, we cooked, we shopped, we went on trips, we went to parks, cafés, bars, restaurants, clubs, concerts, we worked on projects together, we made videos and… wow, what an amazing year!

Last year I was also given several chances to spread the word about what in my opinion works when learning English. I was flattered every time I was asked to do an interview about my work. And I am proud to say that I managed to lock the fear of public speaking in a closet and did my very first radio interview for one of the biggest local radio stations.  Surprisingly it was easier than I´d thought.

However I think I wouldn´t have dared to do so if it hadn´t been for my previous practice in the international public speaking club Toastmasters. A whole new world opened to me when I joined the Brno Toastmasters club in May.

And speaking of my personal development…

2012 was truly transformational for me. I finally learned to accept and love myself just as I am. I realized it´s when you stop caring what other people think about you that you become truly happy and make people around you more happy.

So to wrap up the reflection of 2012 I would like to thank all of you who support my work , especially my wonderful hard-working students without whom my work wouldn´t make sense. And also all those friends who helped me get through 2012. It surely wasn´t an easy year.


In 2013 I am definitely going to continue:

Dancing – be it salsa or swing dancing

Getting better at public speaking  with Brno Toastmasters

Spreading the word about learning English naturally

And you bet I´ll be online! Blogging, facebooking and making videos!

I am actually working on my biggest online project so far – online video course – for all of you out there who would like to learn how to learn English without coursebooks and become independent learners.

And because many of you have asked me to start group online courses I will also be doing those including live webinars.

And just in case you see me a little less online than in 2012, it will only mean that I am busy either:

  • teaching my local courses English Without Books
  • or I am preparing some new courses this town has never seen (I already have one in mind) with a team of some really cool teachers,
  • or it will mean that I am in the middle of the renovations of the new premises that I recently from the city – I am planning to build new learning environment for my local students

So yep, this is it. And you know what to do if you want to know more: follow me on Facebook on my personal profile Nina EnglishBrno, or on Youtube, the channel NinaEnglish.

This was Nina from NinaEnglish, thanks for watching, thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you around! And this is to the best and the most successful year ever!


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  1. I’m a CELTA-qualified EFL teacher. I have also gained the International House Business English (BET), Young Learner (IHCYL), Advanced Methodology (CAM) and Online Training (COLT) certificates. I have four years of teaching experience. At the moment I am concentrating on improving my teaching as much as possible, both through reflective blogging and my PLN on Twitter. In the future I hope to do my DELTA, preferably in 2012/13, become a Director of Studies and eventually own my own language school.

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