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English lessons with expats

All of my students come to me with the very same request: “Nina, please, help me become more confident when speaking English. My English is terrible.” Their English is not terrible. They usually have at least 5 years of formal English language education background, they know a lot about grammar in theory but THEY CAN´T […]

Jak si nastavit cíle v angličtině

Sníte o tom, že skvěle rozumíte angličtině a že ji umíte používat? Že rozumíte svým oblíbeným filmům v původním znění, prezentujete své myšlenky na obchodních schůzkách, sebevědomě mluvíte do telefonu nebo při pracovních pohovorech, domluvíte rodinný výlet e-mailem, ve svém městě poradíte turistům, spřátelíte se s lidmi z jiných zemí nebo procestujete svět? Máte takový […]

I can’t teach but I’m doing it anyway

I have been recently approached by quite a few novice teachers of English with this question: “Could you please provide me with  some tips about teaching adults? I’m about to start doing that and it’s my first time to teach.” I feel a little weird being asked that as even after 10 years of practice […]

How one Italian friar learned English

This is a guest post by my online friend Lorenzo from Milan, Italy, whom I met via Facebook two years ago. He´s made incredible progress in English and he is a living proof that learning without coursebooks works. “I’m Lorenzo from Italy. I’m a friar and I’m living in a friary in Milan. About two […]

Student testimonial – online coaching

I received a beautiful testimonial from a student I coached for 2 months. He wanted to activate his English language skills before entering a British university. Thank you, Martin Nevídal, it was lovely working with you and I wish you all the best! “I must say that Nina´s coaching (as she named it) was very […]

Practise English with Toastmasters!

I have recently invited one of my students, who I coach individually, to join our Toastmaster meetings. Say what? Toastmasters? What is that? Toastmasters is a non-profit educational organization with local clubs around the world. It´s one of the best places to gain confidence when speaking English. Listen to what the members of this club have […]