How do you learn English in your free time? Do you meet internationals in cafés, do you self-study using books, do you get on the internet? When it comes to learning many people have realized they are not going to acquire the language just by sitting in classrooms. But not everyone has the opportunity to […]

Interview with Nina (spring 2015)

I have been recently interviewed by Anna Ziklová, a teacher trainee from the Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Education, Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic). Her task was to interview an English teacher about her teaching life and views of teaching. I feel very honoured she picked me and I hope you enjoy the interview as […]

English lessons with expats

All of my students come to me with the very same request: “Nina, please, help me become more confident when speaking English. My English is terrible.” Their English is not terrible. They usually have at least 5 years of formal English language education background, they know a lot about grammar in theory but THEY CAN´T […]

How to set your English language goals

Do you have a dream about how well you can understand and use English? Understand your favourite movies in the original, present your ideas at business meetings, speak with confidence on the phone or at a job interview, arrange a family trip via email, help tourists in your town, make friends with people from different countries, […]

(Česky) “Přece nebudu učit!” říkala jsem si…

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I can’t teach but I’m doing it anyway

  I have been recently approached by quite a few novice teachers of English with this question: “Could you please provide me with  some tips about teaching adults? I’m about to start doing that and it’s my first time to teach.” I feel a little weird being asked that as even after 10 years of […]