Why am I thankful in 2015?

Despite the increasingly controversial holiday the Americans are celebrating this week, I love the main perk of the Thanksgiving Day, and no, it’s not food. It’s the thanks-giving part. Something we don’t really do here in the Czech Republic, something we consider too “American”, too “positive” and are too proud to be inspired by. Something […]

7 TED talks which changed my life

Today, I want to share my 7 favourite TED talks which somehow changed my life. I´ve been wanting to do a post on TED talks for a really long time because they have so much to offer. And because watching them is a great way to improve your English!See, I believe in learning through stories. […]

Interview with Nina (spring 2015)

I have been recently interviewed by Anna Ziklová, a teacher trainee from the Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Education, Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic). Her task was to interview an English teacher about her teaching life and views of teaching. I feel very honoured she picked me and I hope you enjoy the interview as […]

(Česky) “Přece nebudu učit!” říkala jsem si…

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(Česky) Zpátky za gympl music

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My favourite videos of 2013

Inspirational Being grateful for every day Appreciating yourself The Power of Vulnerability Music Alicia Keys – “Girl On Fire” My world artist hero that I´ve been following since her first album in 2002; this song is so powerful and therapeutical, every time I listen to it I have different feelings, depending on what I am […]