Skype lessons

As a language coach (rather than a “teacher”) I guide my students individually via Skype and I focus on spoken English, working with motivation and language goals.

What can I do for you?

  • I will evaluate your written and spoken English, same as your passive knowledge (understanding)
  • We will start strengthening your motivation with help of needs analysis
  • I will teach you how to write English language goals and I will help you reach your goals
  • Based on your needs analysis and language goals we´ll set up your individual Study plan 
  • I will help you organize your English studies from A to Z
  • I will help you kickstart your self-studies in a fun, exciting way, without coursebooks and tests 

Lesson organization

  • After every session you will receive a summary of the lesson in a Google Doc (cloud)
  • If you order 3 and more lessons, you will gain free access to a paid website
  • If you order 15 and more lessons, you will receive a BEFORE and AFTER recording like this student
  • I am available Mon – Fri 9am – 3pm CET (Central European Time)
  • Each lesson can be arranged at the end of the previous lesson, we don´t need to set the same time every week
  • Lessons are approximately 60min long and your task is to always be ready with homework
  • If interested, email me at and tell me more about yourself and your motivation to improve your English

Prices (for converting to your currency, click here)

  • 1 lesson – 1200,- CZK (Czech Koruna – I live in the Czech Republic)
  • 3 lessons – 3200,- CZK
  • 6 lessons – 6200,- CZK
  • 9 lessons – 8200,- CZK
  • 12 lessons – 10 200,- CZK
  • 15 lessons – 12 200,- CZK

For international transfers you can use Paypal or Western Union. Please, email me to arrange for a free 20min meeting via Skype where we´ll specify your needs.


What other students say about me

“I must say that Nina´s coaching was very beneficial for me. I finally know what I really want and what I expect from English – I have my English goals, I know how to achieve the goals and I also know that if I do these „hows“, I will achieve them! TRY NINA! She knows a lot of techniques for improving your English and I guarantee you: it wont be boring! :-)” – Martin Nevídal (Czech student)

“Nina is the best teacher I have ever met, I love her teaching style and I recommend her because she knows how to teach English and how to motivate people for the language. Every lesson with her is different and you will never be bored. You will love her and enjoy her lessons.” – Iveta Pernicová (Czech student)

“I’m so grateful that life led me to you. Learning English is easier thanks to your simple and positive explanations. It has become more fun and inspiring. I’m discovering with you the opportunities to use internet in my learning. I feel encouraged and that helps me to go beyond my limits little by little.” – Sabrina Duventru (French student)

“Nina, thank you so much for your hard work and your fantastic help for your students inside and outside your country. I love the way you explain things, with you learning English has become more enjoyable. I’ve gained a lot from your videos, explanations and I have learnt a lot from you that I can use in my life, education, and in the future. – Hiwa Fayaq (Kurdish student)

“You are one of the favorite teacher of me, even though you are far away from me.  I like your energy and you inspire new modern ELT techniques in me as student in ELT department. One more feature of you that I like most is that you always try to learn new something, different from than teaching techniques, however you are a teacher. I really appreciare you and your works, you prompt me to be more active in English.” – Sengul (Turkish student)