V poslední době jsem navázala spolupráci s více lektory. Mám velkou radost, že s nimi všemi můžu vést kurzy a učit a že se stali součástí mého projektu. Točím s nimi z výuky videa, která na této stránce neustále přibývají

Chci víc info o kurzech

Chci víc info o kurzech

(z prezentace na mezinárodní konferenci pro učitele Aj “The story of two teachers”, červen 2014 )

Chci víc info o kurzech

Reference lektorů

Nina is a person full of passion, who easily makes everyone connected to her feel comfortable. Her warm demeanour and friendly personality makes her among the best colleagues to work with. As a teacher, she supports her students by showing them the best way to learn – by being autonomous and knowing what you do best. I wish there were more teachers like her!

Anita Adnan

Nina, your enthusiasm for learning and teaching English without textbooks is truly unparalleled. It has been a tremendous honour to have an opportunity to co-operate with you in some of your courses. Thanks for everything.

Milan Navrátil

Nina pursues her mission to teach English with great energy and dedication. Of all the talents she brings to her students it is the inspirational message she carries which shines brightest.

Chris Barickman

I have always been a fan of getting students to interact with English without thinking ‘By doing this I am improving my English’. I want them to do things that are enjoyable but just happen to involve using lots of English. Nina has taken this to a new level by arranging a range of activities for her students – and with Nina’s infectious motivation, the results have been brilliant.

Jeremy Taylor

My life has taken a positively dramatic shift since you invited me to teach with you! I have new friends for life through these opportunities you’ve provided…most importantly YOU!!! Your ability to bring out the best in me as a new teacher shined in how patient, organized, planned and spontaneous, creative, and inspirational you were with me. I look forward to a future learning more with you, creating more with you, teaching more with you, and so much more! You are amazing and the world is truly a better place with you in it. Thank you for everything–most of all, thank you for passionately sharing yourself and your gifts from a heart centered and non egoic space. h

Mary E. Amon

Nina is a fantastic teacher! Her optimism, friendly approach to her students, also her enthusiasm for teaching English all contribute to her modern, creative and inspiring teaching style. It is great that Nina often cooperates with English native speakers who live in the Czech Republic. I also appreaciate her new vision of “English coaching”! It is something new in our country and I like it very much!

Lenka Sršňová

Considering myself an English teacher I am at the beginning of my career and I am really glad that I can work with Nina. She inspires me professionally and personally everytime I meet her. She is the living proof that we can do everything if we really want and if we work hard. She taught me that I can enjoy what I do and that there is no fail or win, there is only try that counts. She is simply my Professional IDOL.

Peťa Zvolská

Nina is highly professional, creative and inspiring as a teacher and person. Her you tube videos are polished, educational gems, her lesson plans are unique, and she helps global students on her great fan page daily. Her clear English speaking accent, video presence and wonderful blog posts speak for themselves.

Sylvia Guinan

Nina is a talented and creative teacher with a great aptitude for using modern media to get the job done while still keeping it all very personal.

Brenda De Jong

Chci víc info o kurzech