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Studentky kurzu zážitkové angličtiny v Brně - pro ženy bez učebnic

My course “Kurz zážitkové angličtiny“, which translates as English Without Books, is a mixture of task-based activities with native speakers such as this one, individual guidance of each student through their study process and study group sessions where we discuss effective ways to study English, and revise the work the students have been doing during their self-study time at home.

The Cooking lesson is one of my personal favourites since I don´t have to do anything and I get served delicious meals at the end :). And it´s always such a pleasant evening when we set the table, serve the meal (every time a different one!) and talk about the experience, about cooking and life, and we listen to some old LP´s of mine. This time it was Cat Stevens (hence the background music in the video). Prior to the lesson, students went through a 5-worksheet unit on Cooking (EOT materials), conversed about the topic with 2 or more conversation partners, watched and spoke cooking videos at English Central and learned words visually from the photo vocabs + games at English Attack. Matt, the instructor, also discussed the meal with the students one week beforehand, during our conference call via Skype, to make sure everyone is okay with the ingredients.

Ingredients for Shish Kebab meal:

MEAT: 3 red onions 3 cms of ginger rosemary 3 chillies 2 tea spoons of fennel seeds 2 tea spoons of coriander seeds Garam masala (arabic spice) salt pepper 0,5 of lime (lemon) 1,5 kilo of meat (beef or lamb) BREAD: 0,5 kilo of flour 2 table spoons of white yogurt water salt cumin in powder HUMMUS: a 400g can of chickpeas sesame Tahina salt pepper half a lime olive oil SALAD: 250 grams of cherry tomatoes 250 grams of ice berg salad or mixed salad half a lime olive oil olives, Arabic milk cheese

The recipe (put together by the students)


  1. put 0,5 kilo of flour into a bowl, add 1,5 tea spoons of salt, add a little bit of cumin in powder
  2. mix it together
  3. add 2 table spoons of white yogurt
  4. mix it
  5. slowly add water (cca 0,2 dcl, better according to your intuition)
  6. mix it
  7. when the dough is prepared, make a ‘ball’ from it, cover it by aluminium and leave it resting
  8. in the time you put the meat into the oven, take the dough and by the twisting motion pluck part of the dough and make small ball in the size of an egg, do it also with the rest of the dough
  9. take a little bit of flour and make the small ball of dough flat
  10. using a rolling pin flatten the ball of dough, get it as thin as you can while trying to maintain a round shape
  11. heat up a skillet
  12. don’t use oil
  13. put the flat dough on the really warm pan, when you see bubbles, turn it around
  14. wait until you see bubbles then turn it around again
  15. then when you see bubbles take dishtowel and press the edges really strongly
  16. turn it around and again press the edges strongly with dishtowel
  17. *use dishtowel while turning it around


  1. peal the onions and chop them into small pieces
  2. cut the chillies in half lengthwise and clean them inside, make sure that you remove also the membrane
  3. put onions, ginger, chillies and rosemary into a blender and blend it all together
  4. grind spices together (2 tea spoons of coriander seeds and 2 tea spoons of fennel seeds)
  5. put the ground spices into a bowl, add blended ingredients from the point 3, add salt and squeeze a half of lime into it, add spice mix called Garam masala and pepper
  6. mix it together
  7. add meat
  8. mix it
  9. add one beaten egg
  10. mix it properly
  11. preheat the oven on 200°C
  12. take as much meat as your hand can hold and stick it on a skewer
  13. put it on the aluminium and prepare another skewer
  14. when you have as many skewers prepared as you can put into your oven, put covered skewers into the oven and leave it there for 15-20 mins
  15. after this time uncover it and leave it there for another 10-15 min
  16. pull it out and you can serve it


  1. take a can of chickpeas (with 400 grams of chickpeas inside not counting the liquids)
  2. open it and pour a little bit of the ‘water’ from the can into a bowl
  3. then pull out the chickpeas and add it to the bowl (pour away the rest of liquid content)
  4. add a pinch of salt
  5. squeeze a half of lime into it
  6. add pepper
  7. take the can of sesame tahina and mix it properly in the can because the sesame is usually only at the bottom of the can
  8. add 2 table spoons of this sesame cream into the bowl
  9. blend it together using a hand blender
  10. add 1 spoon of olive oil  and blend it again
  11. Hummus is ready! Put it to the fridge


  1. take 250 grams of small cherry tomatoes, cut them in half and put them into a bowl
  2. add 250 grams of salad (ice berg or iceberg mixed with carrots etc.)
  3. squeeze half of lime into it
  4. mix it
  5. add generous amount of olive oil
  6. add olives and Arabic milk cheese

In case you want to see other recipes Matt has in his repertoire, watch his Jamie-Oliver style video where he teaches you how to prepare two kinds o Thai curry. Bon apetit!


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