GRAMMAR: 1st conditional

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I will help you if I have time.

The first type of conditional sentences is the most common and most often used in spoken English. With this structure you are talking about a REAL condition, something POSSIBLE to happen.

In the Introduction to conditionals you could learn about the difference between WILL and WOULD. For the 1st conditional you need the word WILL – but in the right place!

I will help you if I have time.

You will learn this if you listen carefully.

– this looks quite simple, right? But many people make a mistake here and put the word WILL after “If” – which is NOT CORRECT:

I will help you if I will have time – the second WILL shouldn´t be there.

if + present tense (even though you are talking about the future)

At the end of the video I start a sentence “If I cook dinner tonight….” and the Youtube members added some nice ideas how to finish it. Here are some of them:

… I will light the candles and open a good bottle of red wine

… I will be so happy

… I´ll be free

And how about you, how would you finish the sentence?


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