Intro conditionals (will x would)

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This is my very first video, which I made and uploaded on Youtube exactly 1,5 years ago. Exciting times, starting my Youtube channel, incredible how time flies… Anyways, since I was experimenting with video-making in those days, I did not create an accompanying blog post to go with it. So to set things right and help you learn this with text as well, here you go:

I _____help you if I have time


I _____ help you if I had time


I will help you = FUTURE (real)

I would help you = FUTURE (imagination)

> use WOULD when you imagine a situation

More examples:

  • I will stay a bit longer. I´ve got a lot of time.  x  I would stay a bit longer but I can´t, I really have to go now.
  • I will show Jim this email. I am going for lunch with him today.  x   I would show Jim this email but I can´t, he has cancelled our lunch today.


Use “would” to sound more friendly when you want to say no.

Say: “I would (like to) help you but I don´t have time”

– it´s better than “No, I will not help you, I don´t have time” although they describe the same situation.

Will x Would

Will and Would – the two most important words in Conditional sentences. If you know these two, half of the work is done. Here is how to understand them:

Question: “Could you, please, help me, Nina?”

Answer 1: “Yes, I will help you. I have time.”

Answer 2: “I would help you but I don´t have time” (= I would help you if I had time – see Second conditional video)

– Answer 2 means: “I will not help you”

> use WOULD when you imagine a situation

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