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Angličtina pro firmy v Brně

Our Experiential English Course can be an in-house company course, too. We can adapt our methods to the needs of companies and provide genuinely effective courses with no coursebooks. We have testimonials from successful courses with companies like Bar, který neexistuje and the superfood company Vitalvibe, and from team-building workshops for Tyco Electronics.



In the regular 3-month courses the group can be from 4 to 8 students. Only students of similar levels can be in a group (the biggest difference between students is one level, i.e. a pre-intermediate student can attend with intermediate students, but a beginner would not get any benefit from being in the course). For workshops and weekend courses the number and levels are up to mutual agreement.


We can do anything from a 2-hour team-building workshop or a weekend course, to a 3-month course, with a range of teachers. This is completely up to the needs of the client, You can request a basic structure outline here.


Head teacher – Mgr. Nina Hanáková, owner of Nina English.

Team of teachers– other 2 or 3 teachers from the Nina English team.


Bar, který neexistuje / 4pokoje / Super Panda Cirkus

“Nina has met many of our needs. When we asked her to deliver gastro soft skills courses, that´s exactly what we got, and be sure our requests were quite specific. On top of that we were trained by a team of native speakers. I don’t want to say teachers because they were more like friends who came to speak English with us. We enjoyed it so much and improved so much in the first course that without hesitation we asked for a second one, without thinking of outsourcing this to anyone else. Nina is a joy to talk to (of course mainly in English), and she motivates us to study in a fun and natural way. Not many people can do that.” – Tomáš Křemenák, head manager BKN and co-owner of 4 pokoje 


“I was excited to invite Nina to our company and have her run an all-company course of English at Vitalvibe. I knew Nina from several previous networking events and business meetings and I knew what kind of energy and expertise she can bring to the lessons and how fun the lessons would be. And they turned out truly fantastic – it was not just an English course, it was also teambuilding time for us where we all shared our emotions, stories and knowledge. We always looked forward to the lessons.” – Jan Petr, owner

Tyco Electronics Czech

“I admit that when I attend regular English lessons I sometimes look at the watch and wish it was over. Here I have the opposite problem. If only I could speak to you for half an hour every morning…. I would be fluent as a native speaker in no time! And all the other participants of the workshop feel the same.” – Jana Křivánková, HR

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