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So, you’ve had some contact with English, but you still don’t understand much. English causes problems for you; you’d rather keep quiet, even though you are starting to put together simple sentences in your head. In this course, you will go over some of the basic tenses, practise speaking, and learn how to get around in English. Most importantly, you’ll have with lots of fun with us! Promo video here.


THE NEXT COURSE:  Thursdays 12/ 9 – 19/12 

  • Most lessons take place at Rybářská 9,
  • sometimes in the city (café, library, park)
  • 7 900,– till 19/8, after 8 900,-, Nina English graduates 6900,-

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“Nina’s courses are like a date with my best girlfriends – you are looking forward to the next lesson even before this one is over. Nina’s whole team is fantastic!” Lucie Ratajská

Lessons at Nina´s are simple fantastic. Peťa, Cisel and Nina are all great, entertaining and highly interesting people! I always go to the lesson in order to relax. Nina has a secret weapon – she knows how to connect people. We have wonderful women in our study group. They are beautiful people and it´s a huge bonus that we clicked so well.” – Věra Řezaninová

“I thank Nina for running this course and for so much patience with people like me.  I managed to start speaking thanks to her positive approach and natural way of learning. And that´s something. After 15 years of language courses and many different coursebooks where I knew how to fill out all the exercies, I couldn´t really say anything. Ninka, Peťa and Cisel, thank you again. And if anyone out there is hesitating, don´t be afraid and try these wonderful teachers.” – Romana Třísková

“English with Nina and her teachers Peťa and Cisel are great and fun. Women that I have met here are amazing.” – Ivana Darmovzalová


The lessons are experiential, with no textbooks or school desks. The main aim of each course is to develop a love for languages, to get speaking practice and to build self-confidence in English communication. In each course you will meet highly motivated students and enthusiastic teachers.

More information about our courses in these sections Come, fall in love and References.