English Without Books workshops

Seminář angličtiny bez učebnic v Brně

How can you move your English to a higher level and find inner motivation, so that your learning never stops being fun?

Do you find learning English from textbooks boring? Do you prefer innovative approaches to self-learning to traditional methods? It’s possible that you’ve spend years studying English, but you can’t find the motivation to keep going. How can you change? You want to find your own effective method to learn English?

Come to the seminar and move forward. Painless, fun, simple. Together we can find a way to help you feel comfortable in English and confident to speak.

This course is aimed at students from pre-intermediate level up, in other words, you can manage simple English for use in shops, restaurants and in the pub – like this young woman here

THE NEXT SEMINAR: to be announced

  • Group seminar for 6-8 members
  • 5 hours, Saturday 9.30 – 12.30 and  2pm to 4pm
  • Teachers: Nina Hanáková and international guest teachers

  • In the classroom  at Rybářská 9,
  • we can go out for lunch together nearby 
  • 2500,- (including an email consultation of your langauge goals)



  • How to find inner motivation, so that English is fun
  • How to create your language goals and how to achieve them
  • How to improve the 4 skills – speaking, writing, listening and reading
  • Tips for practising offline and online
  • Encounters with interesting expats living in Brno – let’s practise speaking

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“Thank you for the seminar. I really enjoyed the open communication, nice atmosphere, sharing our experienc and tips. I appreciated meeting new interesting people who enjoy learning and the extra info was a great bonus for the future.” – Petra Michalčíková

“Fantastic, FINALLY someone understands how to teach English. You are wonderful – and the world is a better place when I meet someone who also loves their job.”  – Věra Bartošová

“Thanks a lot, the seminar was great!” – Tereza Odložilíková

“Very nice presentation skills, great information.” – Kamil Pospíšil