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You’ve managed the basics and you understand normal situations quite well, and now you want to learn more.

You especially need to start speaking much more and be less shy.

And stop being afraid of mistakes. Now when you want to say something, the words just don’t come quickly enough. We’ll fix it together!

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THE NEXT COURSE: Wed 10/6 – 5/8/2020

  • Some lessons take place at Rybářská 9,
  • some at Cisel’s house at Zeleného 63 or in a café, library, park
  • 7 900,–, Nina English graduates 6 900,-

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“I love Nina English school! It´s like a drug!” – Iuliana Turtureanu

“A good brand, I can recommend it to everyone!!! I have never experienced better lessons, especially from the human point of view” – Dagmar Mráčková

“You will never forget!” – Lucie Vystrčilová

“This course has really kicked off my studying. If you want to do something about your English, I recommend it highly. Get ready to have fun but also work hard.” – Jana Julínková

“Do you want to enjoy learning English? Do you want to meet wonderful people? Go to Nina English! It was great.” – Anežka Lungová


The lessons are experiential, with no textbooks or school desks. The main aim of each course is to develop a love for languages, to get speaking practice and to build self-confidence in English communication. In each course you will meet highly motivated students and enthusiastic teachers.

More information about our courses in these sections Come, fall in love and References.