Sunday Make-Up Workshop

♥ COME SPEAK ENGLISH – for all women at Pre-intermediate and higher levels
♥ HAVE BREAKFAST WITH US – prosecco, strawberries, cheeses, pastry
♥ LEARN ABOUT MAKE-UP – instructions, hands-on experience, tips, vocabulary, before & after photos
♥ HAVE LUNCH WITH US – chat away with us in a restaurant (Starobrno restaurant)


Your teachers: Nina Hanáková and Cisel Derli

We are inviting you to a half-day HIGHLY INTERACTIVE workshop for all of you who love make-up or want to learn more about make-up! And interact in English for 4 – 5 hours!

Sunday from 10am – 2pm (or a bit longer) – next date to be announced


We’ll start with lovely breakfast in Nina’s home – expect prosecco, strawberries, cheeses and pastry! We’ll get to know each other, chat and have some good laughs! We will learn detailed vocabulary of our facial features by playing a super fun guessing game. We need this vocabulary to know exactly where to put which product to accentuate our natural beauty!


We will move on to the make-up tools and products part section, Cisel will introduce you to the world of make-up by explaining which tool goes with which product, and where and how to apply them on which part of our face. Also, Cisel will be demonstrating all these on Nina so you can really see how it’s done.



And then, it’s time for you to apply all the information you’ve learned on your own face! We will do a “5-minute make-up challenge” and Cisel will join you and try to do her makeup in 5 minutes as well. After the challenge, Cisel is going to take beautiful photos of you (if you want) and we can see the “before and after”. You can have a new FB profile pic!


Finally, we will have a panel where you can ask Cisel questions about your skin type, which brands to buy for your skin complexion, where to find these brands, dupes for the high-end products and Cisel will provide you with any type of personal recommendations.

You will also receive a Google document with all the information from the workshop, including names of all the products and links where to buy them.

In Starobrno restaurant on Mendlovo nám., we’ll finish the lunch between 2 – 3pm.

990,-Kč, Nina English graduates 890,-Kč!

(doesn’t include lunch), paid via bank account before the course

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