You speak English quite well, but you’re still a little bit scared or perhaps lack the courage to speak in front of people, to discuss issues with clients over the phone, or to organize more complicated things. You want to read novels in English and watch films without subtitles, and finally get really going. This course offers phrases you won’t find in a textbook, interesting teaching methods, and a great atmosphere.



THE NEXT COURSE: Wednesdays 25/9 – 11/12 2019

  • Group course for 5 – 7 students
  • 12 lessons, 1 x week on Wednesdays 5.30 – 7.30 pm
  • Teachers: Nina Hanáková and 4 guest teachers

  • Most lessons take place at Rybářské 9,
  • sometimes we’ll be in the city (cafe, library, park)
  • 7 900,- till 25/8, after 8 900,-, Nina English graduates 6 900,-

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“Nina and her teachers deserve more than 5 stars! I enjoyed myself every lesson. Nina is a gifted teacher.S he will help you set your English goals and achieve them step by step.” – Vendula Kohoutková

“I really enjoyed every lesson with Nina and her teachers. I love people with a never-ending smile and positive attitude and this course was full of it. Thank you for being a part of this amazing group of people! And I have to say, it´s not only about English, this course gives you more… I finally lost the fear of speaking and found a way how to better understand myself. Highly recommend this course!” – Zuzana Zatloukalová

“At Nina’s course I met amazing people, had lots of fun and of course improved my English! All the teachers managed to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with us and they were never boring. Thank you for everything!” – Anet Tomšíková

“Nina doesn´t  teach just English, she teaches how to spread excitement about the life and how to live it fully! She has an unbelievable ability of joining amazing and interesting people – students as well as teachers. Thanks a lot I could be part of it!” – Kateřina Tydlačková

“Nina´s courses aren´t about learning English, they are about how English is becoming a part of your life.” – Andrea Grigerová



The lessons are experiential, with no textbooks or school desks. The main aim of each course is to develop a love for languages, to get speaking practice and to build self-confidence in English communication. In each course you will meet highly motivated students and enthusiastic teachers.

More information about our courses in these sections Come, fall in love and References.