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Anthony Hill


“I’ve worked with Nina on more than a few projects and I can safely say that she attracts the most energetic students. The vigor and happiness that comes naturally with her approach to teaching English creates a storm of enthusiasm and confidence. It’s nothing but fun seeing students like this.”


Anthony is an Australian who has been living in Brno for 10 years and loves it here. Just like Petra Fekete, I met Anthony at one of my pub nights. Our cooperation on the courses started fast, and Anthony is a joy to work with. He likes a conversation lesson full of word games and grammar. He is also excellent in Czech, so he is also popular in the beginner courses.

Although he is Australian, Anthony does not have a strong Australian accent and his English is very clear. In addition to conversational lessons, he has recently focused on learning with movement, specifically yoga. Since 2016, Anthony has been a certified instructor of yoga and leads several courses of yoga in English. Aside from this, he loves jiu-jitsu and kickboxing.

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