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Cisel Derli


The main reason why I love working at Nina English is that I can finally break out of the limitations of coursebooks, be myself and get creative. I love pushing the limits to make English learning much more fun by having interactive and experiential lessons where we are all united by the love of teaching and learning from each other. And as a teacher who is hungry for sharing and learning more and more everyday, that’s basically what I’m living for!”

My first encounter with Cisel in Autumn 2014 was destiny – as anyone who has met Cisel well knows. Cisel is the youngest and most active member of the team, lively, cheerful, always ready to work – just great. Originally from Izmir in Turkey, where she was a teacher and translator of English, she settled in Brno at the age of 22. From the first moment, she fell in love with Brno and the only thing she really misses is the sea and some warm weather.

Cisel is so popular that, in addition to working on beginner and intermediate level courses, she also has her own pre-intermediate course.  In her lessons, she is dancing, cooking, shopping, playing musical instruments, making ceramics, applying make-up, practicing Pilates, reading the future in the coffee grounds, talking about films, books, and cultural differences between the Turks and the Czechs, all in English – even though Cisel does speak decent Czech. This lover of languages and fashion absolutely disproves the theory that language is best taught by a native speaker.

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