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Jarrot Garza


“I like working with Nina’s groups because the students are self-motivated and interested in learning through non-conventional means. This allows them to explore the language in depth and faucet not typically achieved through standard traditional study.”


Jarrot is American; perhaps more accurately, he is as Texan as kolaches. He loves Moravian koláče, which in Texas are called kolaches, a pet topic of Jarrot’s. He can talk for hours about the differences between kolaches and koláče, cakes and dort, buns and buchta. And he will give you a solid dose of intercultural communication, with an emphasis on empathy, listening, and freedom of expression. You’ll leave feeling like you’ve been hypnotized.

He likens English to dancing. He loves meeting in tearooms or in his home, where he prepares Texan food for his students. During his lessons, even I become a student and breathe in his every word. His stories have touched us and moved us to tears; before he came to the Czech Republic (in 2014) he worked for the UN and helped refugees with integration into the USA.

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