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Marta Heinlová


“Working with Nina just isn’t work, it’s one big adventure! I have a profound feeling that when we are absorbed in the task with Nina,  time seems to stand still and space has no meaning. She is full of an energy from which new insights arise and thanks to her amazing ability to put ideas into practice, we can work together to share this with more women. Thank you, Nina!”


I’ve known Marta (or, as we actually call her, Martička) for about five years. And I have to say that if it were not for her, my life would probably not go in the direction that it does now. Martička is my spiritual teacher and friend, but also so much more. She is, above all, an elegant lady who has tremendous experience in translating and teaching English and is therefore a great colleague.

I love ‘lending’ her my students. They come back from her sessions as changed women. Martička focuses on the topics of inner calm, balance, meditation, and strengthening weaknesses in our body and soul. She is working on our Soft Skills course and on our Upper Intermediate Courses.

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