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Matt Bleson


“Think outside the box, make it fun, play a game, cook something with students who are usually super excited about it … that’s what Nina English lessons are about, and that’s kind of teaching I love doing.”



Originally from India, Matt spent his childhood in Dubai where he attended British schools. At the age of 18, he came to study at university in the Czech Republic. After a few years, he stopped enjoying studying, but not his life in Brno. He fell in love with Brno and has been here for 19 years. Matt became an enthusiastic English teacher and he and Robin are the most experienced teachers on our team.

Matt loves cooking, and he was cooking in my courses long before we started calling them cooking courses. We’ve known each other for 12 years, so he feels at home in my kitchen. He absolutely refuses to teach on Thursday evenings, because it clashes with his love, the pub quiz at the Immigrant – so if you ever want to see Matt outside of the lesson, you know where to find him.

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