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Nina Hanáková


I dream of a time when English will be an absolutely natural method of communication for much more than 22% of the Czech population, when a new concept of education will include language teaching without textbooks, when lessons in all schools will focus on autonomous learning and the lessons will be about how to speak English, how to learn, how we can learn from each other, and how can we use English in our everyday lives.

As an English teacher, I have been teaching adult students for 15 years, but English has been in my heart for 35 years, since I was dancing to the Beatles in my living room and pretending to be singing in English.

Today I lead Nina English, I look after all the group courses for women, some as the head teacher. At the very least, I participate in teaching some part of all the courses.  I dedicate some part of my working hours to individual language coaching, a very intensive way to study with me. 

I love blogging and creating videos about English without textbooks, and since 2011 in Brno I have been organizing Nina English pub nights. I enjoy my work the most when my students fall in love with English,  they boost their self-esteem in communication and learn to learn, painlessly.

My job is my passion, something I would do for free. I like to collaborate with all those great teachers who have come into my life, and I meet plenty of enthusiastic and interesting people, many of whom also become my good friends. This genuinely is a unique project, and it’s not just about English…


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