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Petra Fekete


“I am a teacher, but I will never stop learning. I want to inspire my students, but they themselves are an everyday inspiration for me. I encourage them to take risks, but always in a safe circle where there is no need to worry. We laugh a lot together and that helps us to really work. When working with Nina, I understand that the shift in language always starts with the student and her motivation. Together we learn; we enjoy English and our lives.”

I met Pet’a at one of my pub nights at Stará Pekárna and it was love at first sight. Pet’a cannot be ignored. She is charming, natural, incredibly patient, and pleasant, and she is always smiling. Soon after our first meeting, I asked her to teach our Elementary English course.

Today, she has led 13 groups and has been a guest teacher on loads of other courses. Students most appreciate her patience, her insights into mobile apps and podcasts, and her passion for reading. From the time of that decision, made in the bathroom of Stará Pekárna, we have had a beautiful collaboration, which is confirmed by the high percentage of students returning to Pet’a’s courses.

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