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Robin Smith


“The best thing about working on Nina’s courses is being part of a highly motivated, skilled team. Everyone, the teachers, the students and Nina herself, work hard to make these special courses. Its like being part of a great team all working together to achieve something remarkable.”


Robin is another of the very experienced and long-time trainers on my team. Originally from Scotland, he lives in Brno, he has a Czech wife and two children, and he speaks excellent Czech. I’ve been great friends with Robin since the time of my studies, and I was overjoyed when he agreed to work with me.

He is our longest-working teacher on the advanced course. He often uses his love of music to teach, bringing his guitar and teaching grammar through songs and role-playing mystery games. Robin also worked on two  courses for the bar staff at Bar, ktery neexistuje and Super Panda Circus with me. He focused on detailed descriptions of the drinks and the whisky department and on communication with guests. Collaboration with him is always effortless and very pleasant.

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