2měsíční akcelerátor pro lektorky Aj

Kurz pro lektorky angličtiny na volné noze


2/10 – 4/12 2020

Pro 6 lektorek


A chance to move forward fast with my individual guidance and guidance of my colleagues.

After this course you will know how to use simple, minimalistic, yet highly creative and effective steps and processes in both teaching and freelancing. You will know your goals and how to reach them.

🌟 With me, Nina Hanáková, as your main guide and mentor, and Lenka Ludvíková, Madla Čevelová, Pavlína Navrátilová and Pavla Milerski as our guest consultants. 

🌟 20 contact hours – 10 hours online via Zoom and 10 hours offline in Prague and Brno, all that in a small mastermind group of only 6 teachers

🌟 Private FB group for virtual support and socializing, and more resources shared. Google Document with notes from all the sessions. All Zoom sessions recorded


In October there are 2 Zoom calls and 1 mastermind in Prague: 

  • Fri 2 October  at 2 – 3.30pm – Zoom with Nina Hanáková, the founder of Nina English: intro, your individual current situations and setting goals, consulting with me anything you need at this point; I will be there for you with my gentle, yet firm guidance and support throughout the whole process, sharing my 16 years of experience as a successful freelance teacher and using steps and techniques that worked for me


  • Fri 9 October at 2 – 4pm – Zoom with Madla Čevelová, our marketing guru: consultation about everything you individually need, be it marketing, pricing, client typology, customer care and whatever else comes up; very sensitive and feminine but very direct with great end results, Nina’s personal marketing consultant since 2007


  • Sun 25 Oct at 12 – 5pm – in PRAGUE with Nina and Madla: a 5-hour mastermind led by Nina, with Madla joining us for 3 hours, going deep in finances, branding, marketing, pricing, ideal client and whatever comes up


In November 3 Zoom calls and 1 mastermind in Brno:

  • Fri 6 Nov at 2 – 4pm – Zoom with Lenka Ludvíková: our senior methodologist will share how to practically help students with self-study learning and the importance of language coaching for working adults, preparing the ground for Lenka’s mastermind with you in Brno on 21 Nov – see below


  • Fri 13 Nov at 2 – 3.30pm – Zoom with Pavlína Navrátilová: tons of fun creative ideas for teaching both online and offline, kids and adults – with practical tips and specific questions from you


  • Fri 20 Nov at 9 – 10.30am – Zoom with Pavla Milerski: a highly experienced teacher, teacher trainer and business woman with over 20 years of experience from international schools will speak about a positive mindset and more creative ideas, individual challenges and how to respond to them


  • Sat 21 Nov at 12 – 5pm – in BRNO with Nina and Lenka: a 5 hour mastermind with Lenka joining us for 3 hours, breaking the roof with this one! 


In December 1 Zoom call:

  • Fri 4 Dec at 2 – 3.30pm – Zoom with Nina: final, reviewing the goals and setting new ones, final consultations of your current situation



All Zoom sessions will be recorded so you don’t need to be present if you have something urgent, you can watch later. Although it is better to be present live and ask questions. You can always ask additional questions in our private FB group or send in questions before the session. 

The offline masterminds are best if you are physically there but if you can’t, it is possible to connect via Zoom online and mastermind with us from your home. 





2 000,- CZK discount register by 25 Aug, 2020 

1 000,- CZK discount register by 15 Sept, 2020


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