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Imagine that you...
"The best investment I have ever made. The support, the information, the community...
A rare find."
Jana Tatarová
club member since March 2021

We will help you be a successful ELT freelancer!

How will you benefit from joining the club?

You won't be alone anymore

Together with other teachers, we will support you on your journey. You'll be part of a great group of English teachers who help each other instead of competing.

You'll become a smart business woman

How to help students to get better results and have a well-running freelance business. I, Nina, and experienced tutors and business mentors will help you!

You will get feedback

Want to know what to improve on your website or how to create a new course? Share with us in the club and we'll help you stand out from the crowd.

You'll meet lots of interesting people

The club is full of active, motivated and entrepreneurial women and mentors. A great place to network and make new friends.

You will become a happy freelancer

Your business and teaching will have clear direction and order. You'll have more time for yourself and your family, and more energy and joy in life.

You can join new projects with us

With other teachers we create new courses, projects and collaborations. We guest teach in each other's classes, we blog and innovate together.

“This community has changed my life and my career. Without it, I wouldn't be where I am now.”
Alena Vágnerová

Whenever we can, we meet offline as well

🌟 Founder and chief mentor 🌟

Nina Hanáková, ELT freelancer since 2004 and founder of Nina English

I was never comfortable with traditional teaching with coursebooks, so in 2009 I abandoned them and started a unique project in collaboration with other teachers and guests – experiential English courses.  I write a blog, create instructional videos, organize English evenings with Brno expats and I am intensively involved in supporting female teachers who want to rock the ELT world as much as I do.

I know what works and what doesn’t, I’ve been through a lot of failures and I’ve always found my way back up. And now I’m here for you. And not just me, but my colleagues and mentors.

We'll help you navigate the world of business and modern methodologies

We discuss methodology and freelancing

You’ll learn to teach better online and you’ll know which tools to use.

You’ll learn the principles of language coaching that will free your hands from lengthy preparation.

You’ll start building and packaging new courses.

You’ll price your services to your satisfaction.

You’ll try new ways of promoting yourself.

You’ll know how to sell your courses to the right students.

We meet both online and offline

Most of the activities take place online – 24/7 in our private Facebook group, where webinars are also streamed. And on Zoom, where we meet regularly in real time.

Several times a year, you can join us at offline meetups, at various locations around CZ.

Many of us meet casually in small groups or pairs and form new friendships, on a professional and personal level.

The club also runs offline and online workshops and courses for both members and non-members.

We only communicate in English

We teach English and we need to improve and maintain it. Therefore, everything we write in the FB group and discuss in live video calls, webinars and when we meet offline is in English.

We get help from mentors

I invite interesting teachers from the Czech Republic and abroad, my mentors who accompany me on my freelance journey, and other highly inspiring people for supercharged live 1,5h webinars.

Robert Vlach
founder of the biggest freelance community in CZ portal, author of the book The Freelance Way

Madla Čevelová
marketing consultant for freelancers and small companies

Jindra Šulcová
patent attorney and brand protection expert

Lenka Ludvíková
autonomous learning expert, senior lecturer at Nina English

Nick Sacco
owner of language schools in the USA, specialist in American pronunciation

Jason R Levine
American rapping teacher, teacher trainer, Youtube star

Lucie Koubek
copywriting consultant, author of

Majka Staňková
owner of a successful family centre in Brno and mother of 4 children

Arielle DeSoucey
American sommelier and lecturer, social media mentor

Mark Andrews
popular teacher trainer and promoter of coursebook-free teaching

Ken Wilson
matador among London teacher trainers with a passion for music and drama

Pavla Milerski
long-time trainer of English teachers in the International House network of schools

Pavlína Gromanová
experienced online teacher and trainer, blogger, teacher at Nina English

Karl Millsom
British teacher trainer, founder of the Rebel Teacher Network community

Shanthi Streat
British language coach and mentor focusing on the business sector

And many others…

“The club is the most amazing place to be as a freelance language teacher for learning about teaching, business, and anything else one needs to know to be both successful a happy in this job. It's a safe place to ask any question and share any concern as well as recent successes, a place to build a community and grow together. Online and offline. Much recommended as I have been a member for years and wouldn't have made it through the beginnings of my online teaching career without the help! ”
Suzie Delgado

How does it work in the club?

We meet once a month for a two-hour group Zoom call. You can just listen passively or play the club's recording.

Every 3 months we meet offline - in Brno or Prague. Recently we have been adding other places in the Czech Republic.

Live webinars and interviews are held 2-3 times a month. All are then stored in the club forever for viewing.

There are new posts in the club from both me and the members every day - the members are very active, asking, discussing, recommending, sharing.

At the beginning of the month, the club publishes a clear schedule so you know what topics are coming up and what's happening when.

At the end of the month, you'll receive an email report with all the posts and webinars so you don't miss anything important from the Facebook group.

🌟 🌟🌟

Daily posts, support and help, extensive discussions, video tutorials and lots of real-time case studies and recommendations.


“Without this club, I'd probably quit teaching. It gives me zest, courage, support, inspiration, understanding.”
Jana Hlůšková
“The club helped me to set my own direction, clarify my priorities, and strengthen my confidence in how I want to develop my project further so that my work continues to be both my passion and a relevant reward for my efforts.”
Markéta Kuchovská
“You helped me to love my job again.”
Petra Hanušová
“In such a short time, I have accumulated and saved so much from the posts. The membership is one of my best investments so far. Anothe career jewel where I can share and learn a lot from awesome teachers! Do not hesitate to join!”
Tatjana Jovcevska
“The best investment I have ever made. The support, the information, the community... A rare find.”
Jana Tatarová
“I don't know what I would do without this community today, it literally saved me in the pandemic, mentally and financially. Amazing support, great mentors and atmosphere.”
Jana Kindlová
“A totally unique community.”
Aneta Jirková
“The club is a wonderful place where I have found great friends and so-desperately-needed support. Thank you so much for being there for me on my journey and supporting me on every step of the way.”
Hana Stejskalová

How much does it cost?

990 CZK / 40 Euro for membership every month (bank transfer or card payment).

As part of the membership you have 20 – 30% discounts on other courses for teachers and individual consultations with Nina.

You don’t risk anything, you can easily unsubscribe from the club at any time.

Frequently asked questions

You can spend as much time as you want in the club, it’s entirely up to you. It’s called asynchronous learning or absorbing information, you can simply join whenever you have time. You can receive and give support, inspiration, motivation, you can participate in group video calls, engage in ELT discussions, actively address your situation and it’s up to you when, where, how. I can’t estimate how much time it will take you to participate in the club, I would recommend to dedicate at least 2 hours a week. It often happens that people don’t realize that they are not actually used to FB and find that this form is not suitable for them at all. Come try it out for a month or two and you’ll see!

Unlike traditional online courses, this one is very interactive thanks to the FB group platform, you co-create the content that is created on the fly. Of course, you can also use the club less and passively, just read, occasionally like something, watch interviews, videos and webinars, take notes and gradually include everything in your teaching and freelancing. By being active and contributing to discussions and participating in group live video calls, for example, you’ll find being a member of the club much more beneficial.


I’ll listen, I’ll support you, I’ll hold space, I’ll ask questions so that we can figure out where the problem is, I’ll show you the way I’m going – linguistically, methodologically, entrepreneurially and personally – and I’ll help you shift your mindset to where you allow yourself to go.


I’m not going to hand over a comprehensive Nina English methodology, a detailed course concept, my business model and everything that is a “recipe for coca-cola” and belongs in the hands of a frenchisee. I’m not going to didactically and methodologically build a course for you. And I won’t forcefully convert you to “my faith”, you have to want change things yourself.

I interview people who have been on my journey and shaped my business and teaching. I talk to experts in each area plus interesting speakers, both from the Czech Republic and abroad. Entrepreneurship, marketing, pricing services, communicating with customers, child and adult learning, online and offline learning, unlearning, autonomous learning, brand and brand protection and much more.

All video talks and webinars are posted in the monthly schedule for that month, which I send out via email, and are also announced a few days in advance as a FB event in the group. In retrospect, they are permanently stored in the course. The FB group is private, no one but members and mentors can see it. I work with the Guides feature where everything is clearly categorized and easy to find. At the beginning of each month, I also email a report with all the links to the important posts and activity in the group from the previous month.

As teachers, we often do not have the opportunity to communicate in English at a higher level. Here’s your opportunity not to forget English. Whether you don’t have access to native speakers or simply don’t have the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics where you express your views at the highest level, here’s your opportunity. Plus, some of the consultants and members aren’t Czech.

The club operates on a monthly membership basis. The membership fee for newcomers may increase over time, but not for you; it will remain forever at the rate you paid when you joined.