How to learn English on Instagram

Instagram is now winning over Facebook when it comes to engagement so no wonder many great English teachers are more and more active on this platform. They create short educational videos, quizes and interactive posts in Stories, they conduct live interviews and in general have more fun playing with all the features.

Because of its minimalistic design, different options for communication and lots of high-value content, learners from around the world go to Instagram to follow their favourite teachers and learn from them.

And how about you? Do you know where to look for great teachers on Instagram?

Together with several of my colleagues from Klub úspěšných lektorek angličtiny we are here to share tips which IG accounts to follow in order to improve your English and have fun!

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🟡 Iveta Jelenová (@deer.english)

I would recommend three profiles that could be beneficial for pre-intermediate level up learners who like to learn new things and have some fun at the same time. For the people who don’t take themselves too seriously I recommend these instagram profiles: Kubova English – this funny English teacher from the Czech Republic has nonconventional methods. He is great at explaining everything in an easy way. He will make you laugh and make you fall in love with English. Take Away English – this Slovak guy has really innovative ideas. His videos will make you laugh and his memory aids will help you remember tricky parts of English language. And then English Exam Angel – Irish girl who will help you with pronunciation, enrich your vocabulary and entertain you at the same time.

🟡 Suzie Delgado (@englishwithsuzie)

The IGs I recommend to my students differ according to what they are looking for. Are they interested in building their vocabulary through lists and visual dictionaries? Digital English Class is good for that. The vocab is in context so you can have a background for when you next encounter the word. Similar to this would be Smart Fox English. For those who like to see more contemporary, relaxed posts, and like to learn through music and tv, RealLife English with their music clips and series snippets with subtitles are perfect!

🟡 Alena Vágnerová (@anglicky.v.orlickychhorach)

I want to recommend Lenka Málková‘s IG to learners of any languages and levels who would like to finally find their own unique way how to successfully study a language. Then, if you are a visual learner, you can’t miss Jana Kindlová‘s IG account where she posts photos from her daily life together with a description of the objects/things in English. Finally, if you need a resource of vocabulary I recommend English Me where you can find a new word/phrase every day.

🟡 Kateřina Valentová (@anglictinapodpalcem)

I love How To British for advanced students because of the various expressions from British slang and the whole hilarious video performance.  Also, English By Kája is perfect for intermediate students as it presents lots of useful vocab and Kája also motivates people to speak English really well.

🟡 Nina Hanáková (

I would recommend Barbora Imrišková‘s IG to advanced level students and teachers of English for idioms, phrasals, grammar and American pronunciation practice. And Kateřina Valentová‘s IG to intermediate and upper-int students who want to expand their vocabulary in a consistent way, with fun exercises in stories and reels. From the international community, my absolute favourite for the intermediate level up has always been Cork English Teacher for his short highly authentic videos in beautiful Irish English and superb language posts with useful phrases, vocab and grammar.

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Do you follow hashtags?

Few people know that in addition to individual accounts, you can also follow hashtags. So if you want to see more posts with English lessons, just type #english #learnenglish #speakenglish or #englishgrammar #englishvocabulary in the search bar and click “Follow”. At least once a day, Instagram will offer you a post in the feed with that hashtag.

Save interesting posts!

Did you know that posts can be saved? Just click on this icon:

Click and save!

And which English teachers on IG would you recommend? Please, share in the comments!

Happy instagramming,


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