Consultation for teachers

After 20 years of freelancing in language education, I offer you support in directing your teaching and business.


“I wanted two things from the consultation: tools, advice and methods to better work with student motivation and goals, and to gain confidence in whether I was taking textbook-free teaching in a good direction. In a packed two hours I got both, plus Nina's infectious positive and supportive energy. The consultation definitely lived up to my expectations, I have the action steps and know how to achieve them.”
Barbora Ziková
online school owner
I know what works and what doesn't:
And now I'm here for you!

Let’s take a look together at how you can join me and form a community of independent and radiant teachers. Naturally, you’ll then pass this on to your clients and have better results and a better sense of accomplishment with them, just like I do.


  • The basic consultation takes place at an agreed time via Zoom or phone, in the range of 2-2.5 hours.
  • Price: 4500 CZK / 190 EUR. Payment in advance.
  • After the consultation, you will receive a Google document from me – with a summary of the main points, recommended practices and resources.
  • You can then email me short follow-up questions or share your shift with me!
  • Additional consultations. Price: 1500 CZK (65 EUR) / 30min or 2800 CZK (120 EUR) / 60min.

🌟 Members of the Club for Successful Female ELT Entrepreneurs have a 20% discount on all consultations.

“I turned to Nina because I felt that she was one of the pioneers of a new style of English teaching in the Czech Republic. And since I wanted to go in this direction, I wanted to save myself the trial and error and not spend so much time searching for information. Nina was my shortcut to all the answers, links, tips for this way of teaching, always recommending specific resources and links that were right for me. She also helped me to discern what to work on the most, and I tested this style of teaching on myself so that I wouldn't be a blacksmith's mare. She taught me how to teach myself I and tutoring. And a lot has happened in the six months we've been working together. I got into the world of Ai without textbooks. I understood how it works. I know where to find things. I feel supported that what I do is not boiling water, but has a system that I have been searching for so long.”
Kateřina Stránská
”I approached Nina with a request for coaching in a business I plan to start soon. I didn't know how to practically know where to start, where to continue and how to get customers. Nina's experience in the industry and in business is second to none. She is professional and her advice is always tailored. We discussed a lot of things I didn't even know I needed to know. Now I know from someone who has been through it, which path leads the fastest to what I want to achieve. That's priceless. It was worth it and I'm grateful that I was willing to invest in myself. I can't let Nina down!”
Zuzana Delgado
“Not only did Nina help me to focus, she also shared with me her ups and downs, and this was so helpful. We discussed my visions and plans, my website, my visual identity and I am so grateful for the individual consultation. It was so worth it, I recommend it to everyone!”
Lenka Málková
“Consultation with Nina was priceless. We discussed so much – from keeping a mailing list, automatization, processes and working with a virtual assistant and delegating tasks to working with a baby. Thank you, Nina, I will probably be going through everything I was inspired by you for sooo long now!”
Kateřina Valentová
“I totally recommend a consultation with Nina because she knows what she is doing! I’m really bad at using charts, keeping records and goal setting. I wasn’t happy with the money I earned last year and I wanted to quit freelancing and find a corporate job. I didn’t know how to set goals regarding money and how to arrange my offers so I could be earning the money I’d like to have. Nina showed me how to go about it and I can’t be happier. I can finally see the numbers written down on a piece of paper and what to do to get these numbers into my bank account. She is a gem!”
Alena Vágnerová
“It was just what I needed. I’ve been exploring the ways of teaching without books for some time, I’ve felt it is something I really want to do. But I also felt insecure, always second-guessing myself. Nina assured me that I’m on the right track. She shared with me lots of practical tips on setting learning goals with students and on the coaching approach. She also pointed out some things that I can improve. It was very inspirational! Now I feel much more confident about the way I teach. Thank you, Nina, you’re the best!“
Olga Voltrová
“My consultation with Nina was a bit of a spur-of-the-moment thing. I was thrown into a situation I had no experience with, started walking in circles and needed someone to talk to. Nina reacted promptly and went through it with me and helped me settle my thoughts and find the way out. It is priceless to have someone who understands your business and is able to see into the issue… Thanks a lot!”
Karolína Rybková
“Nina’s ability to bring out the best in me as a new teacher shines in how patient, organized, planned and spontaneous, creative, and inspirational she is. And she can do the same for you! When I started out I had no idea how to organize my schedule, how to price my services, how to communicate with my clients and how to promote myself in very natural ways. She preaches what she lives and I look forward to a future learning more with her!”
Mary E. Amon
“I’m a Canadian ELT freelancer returning to work after four years of maternity leave here in the Czech Republic. Despite having completed an on-line business coaching program for ELT freelance professionals from around the world, I still had a lot of questions and ideas about ELT freelancing here in the Czech Republic that I wanted to discuss with somebody who had knowledge and experience here in the Czech Republic. Nina was absolutely the right person for this consultation! Our consultation gave me answers to my questions, reassured me about some of my ideas, and gave me some new resources to look into that support my development as a freelancer and help me get set up online. We covered a lot of topics during the consultation: getting set up to work online, transitioning from teacher to language coach, some of the technical aspects of working ‘živno’, and working freelance as a mom of a young child. After this consultation, I feel a lot more excited, reassured, supported, and confident about returning to freelancing and taking my ELT work in a new direction. Thank you, Nina, for sharing your experience, knowledge, insights, and enthusiasm. It’s empowering!”
Anna Ruzicka
“I’d love to recommend this consultation to everyone! It helped me to clarify many things from the very beginning of my freelance career.”
Tanja Navrkalová
“Nina is a person full of passion, who easily makes everyone connected to her become more successful. Her warm demeanour and friendly personality makes her among the best coaches and colleagues to work with. She is incredibly supportive and will get you where you need to be very fast. She is a skilled professional, both as a teacher and a business owner.”
Anita Adnan
“A heartfelt recommendation to you – if you haven’t had your individual session about your business yet with Nina, go for it. I felt my business got into a stage where it needed help from outside. Before this session my shoulders felt heavy and my brain was more like a ball of tangled yarn. And now? I feel as light as a feather! My ideas and thoughts seem to be so nicely organized before my eyes. During our session, I had space to talk about my issues, ideas and also worries. Nina made me feel totally understood, safe and together we have come up with some really great things. Nina just pointed a flashlight in the right direction and I managed to see it all in one beautiful picture. How grateful I am! Thank you, Nina.”
Žaneta Spencer

I look forward to helping you!