Language coaching – with Gabriella Kovács

Workshop v Brně v pá 4.11. od 14 –⁠ 18h

pro lektorky jazyků


Přijď na workshop vedený zkušenou mezinárodní jazykovou koučkou
a autorkou nové obsáhlé publikace o jazykovém koučinku!

Kdo je Gabriella Kovács?

Gabriella Kovács, MA PCC is an Australian-born internationally certified professional coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation, language coach, a business communication trainer, language teacher (B.Ed., M.A.), teacher trainer and international speaker.  

Her mission is to inspire more of a holistic coaching approach in mainstream language teaching and training processes. Her recently published book, A Comprehensive Language Coaching Handbook (Pavilion Publishing and Media, 2022) describes the theory and practice of an emerging discipline based on research and extensive experience. She is also co-founder of the International Language Coaching Association.

Gabriella Kovács vlastními slovy o workshopu:

I would like to invite you to a unique workshop at Nina English where you can discover how you can better support your students with the help of language coaching!

To enable a smooth transition from teacher to coach mindset, we will be moving from understanding the layers of language coaching to comparing it with teaching.  

We will take a look at the learning values our clients attach to language and communication study in business environments and look at 1-2-1 and group scenarios alike. 

In the activity-based, interactive section of the workshop, we will be looking at what sort of coaching questions and techniques can be applied with ease and you will observe a demo coaching session

Afterwards, you will learn to apply one of the most commonly used coaching models, and a number of tools also used in my recently published book.

All this with plenty of opportunity to try out all these in peer-practice formations, so the coaching toolkit will provide a tailored takeaway, with expert guidance.  

Finally, the workshop will end with a detailed Q&A section to clarify and add extra insights and also to allow attendees to share the implications for their work in the future. 

A mini-booklet with photocopiable handouts will be included. 

Takeaways from the workshop:

  • pro max. 8 účastnic – jazykových lektorek
  • 4.11. od 14–18h, poté možnost zúčastnit se večeře s Gabriellou
  • workshop proběhne v  prostorách Nina English v Brně
  • 2 900 Kč, pro členky Klubu úspěšných lektorek angličtiny 1 900 Kč 

Workshop bude veden v angličtině - Gabriella Kovács je Australanka.