Fast, good, cheap

Recently I have been discussing raising prices with some of you. It is definitely a good time to consider it – the new year is coming and so is the inflation.

And I’ve realized that not many know this principle so I’d like to share it here. I think we can apply it to our services as well. The point is that you can never have all three together. You can actually try it HERE. 😉



🔴 Good + fast = not cheapImagine a potential client who wants to get ready for a big presentation or a job interview and they hire you last minute. You have to put other things on hold to cater to them. So it doesn’t make any sense for you to ask for your regular price.

🔴 Good + cheap = not fastIf a student wants good quality and doesn’t have a large budget, they will take cheaper group lessons or meet with you only twice a month or order a one-time consultation. It will take them longer to get the desired result.

🔴 Cheap + fast = not goodDoes a potential client want cheap lessons and a fast result? They are not at the right address. Right? 😉

If you can think of other examples, please, share below!

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