Teaching beyond 1-on-1

In my post on IG (HERE) I wrote about working less (=smarter) and earning more.

One way of doing it is creating and offering new services beyond the neverending 1-on-1 courses. Besides more cash, they bring you:
✨ more excitement
✨ more energy
✨ and more credit to your brand.

There are so many options for us language teachers and not just online.

So what else can you offer that will spice up your offer? Here are a few examples:

💥 Language consultations – a one-time service where instead of teaching you hear the client out and help them with a system and a plan how to approach the learning process; this can be done either individually or in a group

💥 Mentoring and coaching – again possible also in groups, it is very inspiring for the client to hear how others learn, this is done over a limited period of time (packaged courses), e.g. “a 1-month course to find out what you need and help you build a learning habit”

💥 Group courses – you can play with it, have the students cooperate on tasks, incorporate more complex experiential learning activities, invite guests…. you are more of a manager and facilitator here

💥 Workshops – why not focus on a certain topic from grammar, vocab or soft skills, gather a few people and help them grow together in a specific area

💥 Weekend course – highly intensive but so rewarding because both the client and you will leave with a huge progress, often life-changing, perfect for groups

💥 Digital products – video courses, e-books, paid courses via FB groups, webinars, anything audio (it is the hottest trend now!)

👉 When you offer more than just regular neverending 1-on-1 courses, you add expertise and skills to your existing offer, it gives you more credit and you can raise your prices.

👉 All of the above-mentioned can be done online or offline. Everyone is living in the virtual world these days but remember the time before Covid? Let’s hope we’ll be back to normal in 2022 and can offer these offline too.

QUESTION FOR EVERYONE: What do you offer or would like to offer this year beyond 1-on-1?

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