Tech tools & apps

for running our online biz smoothly


  • a free software for building a website / blog yourself, full of easy-to-use beautiful templates, the most common used around the world
  • most webdesigners are familiar with it and once you decide to invest into one and delegate building / rebuilding your website, it is very handy to have a WP website
  • you do not need a webdesigner to change things on your website, you can be completely independent and change things yourself – I do all the time and I couldn’t be happier, I don’t need to know coding or anything complex


  • if the free WP templates are not enough for your creative soul, you can use Divi – these are beautiful templates for WordPress which you can buy and own forever, you don’t need a webdesigner to create something visually original


  • a cheaper option for creating cool web pages on your WP website, you can see it used on my club’s page on my website
  • the basic version of this WP plug-in is for free but if you want to play more, it costs around 1000CZK per year
  • once again – very very easy to use, you can learn it fast (I think Alča is using the free version as she is building her website, you can ask her)


  • the best app for storing email addresses and sending out campaigns / newsletters / creating landing pages / download forms and subsequently using the funnel strategies to continue sending out information to the right people (if someone downloaded this or that from your website then ML can send them another automatic message – all easily set up in the dashboard)
  • it is free for up to 1000 contacts and very easy to use, I enjoy creating newsletters through ML, unlike Mailchimp which was too complicated
  • a great alternative to a more complex and much more expensive Smart Emailing app (though that one is from CZ and connected to Mioweb / Fapi systems)


  • for creating order forms to send to your clients and making your accounting life easier with automatic invoices (it’s the one I use for everything, you have all used it for joining this club, our meetings, our courses and I use it with all my students now too)
  • you only pay SS for what you sell, it is 5% commission and the maximum per month is 1500CZK + VAT, so the max you pay is 1815CZK, if you don’t sell anything, you don’t pay that month, check out their FAQ, it is very well-explained on their website
  • easily connected to MailerLite so when someone buys from you, they are immediately stored in ML in the appropriate group (useful for campaigns when you want to email only certain groups of people)


  • the best and cheapest pay gate on the Czech market, I use this one and I have been very happy with it
  • it is highly recommended to add it to your payment options in Simpleshop so that people can pay via card (these days many more people buy via card than via a bank transfer)
  • you again only pay for what you sell and the commission is 0,99 % of the transaction if your monthly transactions are under 100,000CZK and less above that (see their price list)
  • the first 6 months are for free but make sure you have all the necessary information on your website for them to grant you a registration
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